Infinity Family 无界家庭!

Infinity Family is a group of individuals and organizations, that collectively work on the Infinity Project - an initiative to enable humanity to collectively and systematically define and pursue goals. Our hypothesis is that by automation of creation and integration of virtually all meta-languages and ontologies (for example, WikiData, Freebase; meta-vocabularies like equation model ontology, etc.) and data formats (such as RDF, JSON-LD, YAML, etc.) via an invention such as metaformats with modern P2P and cryptographic technologies, and creating a blockchain-based work results (assets) and time recording system, we could enable humanity to systematically define conditions to optimize for with arbitrary programs with respect to arbitrary objects [video 1], and make know-how accessible [video 2].


The structure of the organization of Infinity Family is designed to reflect our multi-faceted world, and is designed to allow every jurisdiction to independently run its software on servers within that jurisdiction, meanwhile, allowing for ease of automatic integration of Internet's data and services for collective decisions.

We rely on the core infrastructure of the Internet, international and local law, and derive our structure via signing membership agreements (entering a treaty) to be the Infinity Family backbone organizations, and collectively run distributed software to provide an infrastructure for such collaboration.