The First Series. P&L: 0 (≃ 0 USD)

YAML Project

A. Topic List in GDrive.

B. Outlines in GDrive doc.

C. Finished copywrite of each book.

D. Finished illustrations.

E. Edited and Proofread, finalised-formatted books.

F. Chosen vehicle(s) for online publication.

G. Obtained quotes from printers.

H. Obtained sponsorship to print.

I. Have 50-100 hard copy versions printed.

J. All hardcopy versions sold.

currently: 1. Choose 3 - 5 related topics to start with for first series.

  1. Outline content of each book.

  2. Begin to build the ebooks, layer by layer.

  3. Order illustrations from my contact.

  4. Publish eBook series 1 online.

  5. Contact some organisations for sponsorship to print as handbooks to educate the wider public.

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