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Mission: Bringing the perfect world to Earth through perception, entertainment, and interaction.


I am building a metaverse known as Mechai. Mechai is a dimension where everything went right, and therefore its duty is to bring all other dimensions up to its level and synergize with them. While this project seems like an undertaking in creating a fictional universe, it is anything but. Considering the universal law that anything that can be is, and the concept of quantum entanglement we know that whatever we perceive perceives back at us. In other words, your imaginary friends are real so long as you let them be. That is the premise of Mechai. Design a company around listening to the community and taking absolutely all feedback, positive or negative, and incorporating it somehow into the project (either directly or indirectly). Furthermore, all volunteers, regardless of skill level, who wish to volunteer to help the project may. We will simply give them tasks that are suitable for their level of skill, maturity, and leadership. Then, we teach the volunteers and workers (as soon as money becomes a thing) about the universe, its laws, how it does things, and how to interact with it. Then we have a fourth-wall breaking “fictional” universe that literally tells us the directions it wants to go in, and listens to everyone’s suggestions. The point of Mechai is that it’s everyone’s universe. It belongs to no one, not even to me. I am just a contributor myself. We are all free to create content, organize how we feel things should go, and gain support in our endeavors. Anyone can contribute to this universe in any way they desire, so long as they are aware that their contribution can neither add nor detract from what has already been established, but only remove problems the community finds or add new cool things that were not already established.

The company gains resources and power through volunteer help and volitional bonds. We don’t just need writers, illustrators, techies, but also lawyers, chaplains, consultants, etc. Services do not extend to the creation of this universe or the manufacture of its products and services across multiple mediums, but also (and possibly more importantly) extend to goods and services available to the workers of this project, and in giving the poor provision and even a job inside of this company free of charge.

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